My name is Dylema. The name is an acronym for Do You. Let every man adapt; it is a name that has come to save my life continuously through the years. People ask why ‘Dylema’ and I am immediately transported  back to the year 2005 when I gave myself the name and became it by definition.

I had been in the UK for just five years by then; since migrating from Lagos, Nigeria to East London. I had begun struggling with the culture change. My accent was still thick with intonations of a ‘freshie’ (newcomer) and my language abilities where still in progress. I was learning English and the way that words shaped on the tongue as well as the page. It was in this new environment that I discovered the challenging journey that awaits me. I found it extremely difficult to fit in. Nothing I did seemed to work, I stuck out everywhere like a sore thumb. Even at home my Igbo tradition meant that i was treated completely different to my male siblings it was the double standard that lit the flame of feminism within me. Now, when I began trying to make friends it was to no avail. I could not match them in communication nor culture. I could not cut through the tension in their prejudices. I was alone.

It was in this time of deep loneliness that I call my early age enlightenment. Within this rock and a hard place (dilemma). I found  peace in my solitude. I found myself seeking myself, as I was very sure nobody else cared for my existence (a very depressing time.) I poured myself into learning. I learnt the English language and its literature and I began to form my thoughts in ways that i could use to communicate. it was in the cultivation of this skill that I learnt to be a poet. It was in the demonstration of this poetry that i formed my own unique voice  and attained success. I did what I was compelled to do and every one adapted. I am dedicated to where this story might lead me.

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With close to 1000 shows under her belt Professional spoken word poet and multidisciplinary artist Dylema brings you a world of talent.